March 3 - March 31, 2007

curated by Art Design Office

Donald Baechler
Carter Mull
William Pope L.
Paper Rad
Jonathan Seliger
Haim Steinbach

Opening March 3, 6-9pm
Performance by Marc Horowitz

Sister is pleased to announce the opening of Plug, a group exhibition featuring work by seven artists unified by their interest in the nature of communication, in particular that which emanates from the world of advertising and marketing. Their work, diverse in medium, often employs a conscious though not malicious mis- or re-interpretation of the visual and verbal language of marketing to highlight the absurdity of contrived mass communication, thereby questioning the feasibility of the controlled reception of such material.

Work highlighted in this exhibition implies 'talking back' to mass culture, often using pop cultural iconography & artifacts in a way that obscures, obfuscates, or generally hoses up their original meaning, and plays with alternative readings of those signifier-artifacts, if not challenging their capacity for acting as carriers of meaning at all.


Additional 15 minute life coaching sessions by Marc Horowitz will be available on Friday March 16th and Saturday the 17th from 3-5pm, and Friday March 30th, from 12-5 PM
Sign up sheet at the gallery, or email info AT sisterla DOT com