Andrew Hahn

Closer Girl #3, 2004
watercolor on paper
12 1/4 x 9 inches

May 27 - June 24, 2006

In Andrew Hahn’s first exhibition at Sister, ‘Unfinished Girls’ (2004), he presented a series of small portraits of girl’s faces, seen in three-quarter view with their eyes trained directly out at the viewer in a restless glare.  In his new body of work, the girl’s faces are seen in super close-up, with the filter of the image source, analog video, left intact within his meticulously detailed rendering of the picture.  Therefore, these new watercolors present abstract content within representational imagery, while uniquely fragmenting the genre of portraiture.  The artist is addressing a certain narrative repetition that occurs in recorded imagery, an at once open and familiar story fragment that seems to have its roots in melodrama.

Andrew Hahn lives and works in Los Angeles.  He has recently exhibited in group shows in Chicago and New York, with solo shows at Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris, and Ibid Projects, London.