May 7 - June 13, 2009

Cal Crawford

Sister is thrilled to present Cal Crawford's first solo exhibition, POSSIBILITIESOFFISTS. A perverted memorial to perspective, this multimedia exhibition constructs itself as a mausoleum of abstract signage devoted to the elementary ingredients of the visual representation of depth. Longing for an appropriate, or somewhat relevant, vantage point, it is an arrogant setting designed to propose itself as a space for contemplating the crude and essential origins, the zero levels, of linear perspective.  POSSIBILITIESOFFISTS abrasively forces its point of view onto this prime perspectival accusation, the primary witness, as an allusion to the power and threat endowed with any action based on an idea of "getting the proper perspective."

The attitudes of a witness that possesses the privileged "perspective" -- on the world, culture, social position, or history -- are vocalized here with a distraught and agitated voice.   The arguments being shouted exploit the rhetoric of conceptual and op art, cinematic melody, nightclub lighting, advertising signage and pronounced spatial control, each presented with an irrepressible bias that is not so much fallacious as it is threatening. The potential for hostility occupies each of these arguments like a clenched fist, presenting the option to either take them as active threats to come or as harmless threats diffused by the past.      

The constant rotation, strobing, repeating pattern and relentless melody combine to overshadow the exhibit with an aggravated anxiety. Each element, whether made of video, music, light or vinyl, is presented and re-presented in quick succession, to ensure the point of their existence is unmistakably confirmed.  This is the point of view, the continuous lack of resolution inside an environment of abstract elements and materials destined to resolve little, while all the while thrusting their affected tonalities onto any present witness for affirmation.

Cal Crawford, having spent his formative years in New Brunswick, Canada, currently lives and works in Los Angeles.