Sister presents "Video Journeys" at Cottage Home


May 30 - July 2, 2009

Sister is pleased to present "Video Journeys" at Cottage Home. For the exhibition, ten sculptors were invited to present ten video works. The videos, all dealing with mass media, were given to the sculptors with no further instruction. The varying sculptural presentations or "viewing stations" combined with the videos work to address the increasingly complex and complicated issues of reproduction, authorship, and the often nebulous delineation between mainstream movies, art films and video art. 

Kai Althoff
Kathryn Andrews
Alex Bag
Justin Beal 
Mark Borchardt
Cal Crawford
Katie Grinnan
Alexandria Harris
Alfred Hitchcock
Jason Meadows
Takeshi Murata
Michele O'Marah
Paul Pfeiffer
Marco Rios
Ry Rocklen 
Amy Sarkisian
Paul Slocum
Kirsten Stoltmann
Eric Wesley
John Williams